The effects of poor asset management

A lack of control over your IT inventory can lead to increased costs, compliance breaches and poor performance.

To gain the maximum benefit from your IT inventory a clear view of all your hardware and software assets is required. Without adequate tracking and monitoring technology in place, your IT costs are likely to spiral out of control and create further compliance and performance issues for your business. For medium to large size enterprises, it is essential to gain complete visibility over all your IT assets to ensure they deliver the best possible value. The effects of poor asset management are far reaching and include:

  • Poor return on your investment
  • Building and maintaining an infrastructure of both desktop and mobile hardware is expensive and time consuming. Failing to keep an accurate check on all of your devices and the software they use will likely lead to a poor return on investment, as you will lack the insight to troubleshoot issues with specific aspects of your inventory leading to ill-informed purchasing and maintenance decision making.

  • Drive up your insurance costs
  • Failure to comply with regulations around software use and IT standards may have the knock-on effect of driving up the cost of insuring your inventory.

  • Inability to identify other potential savings
  • Overspend on software licences, continually repairing specific machines within your network and purchasing too much inventory are just some of the key areas where it is possible for you to go over budget as a result of poor asset management. Our core management system, Lucy, helps our clients save a minimum 20% within the first year.

  • Inability to enhance the performance of your assets
  • A lack of insight into poor performing aspects of your inventory can lead to reduced productivity and extended periods of downtime. Your staff are reliant on the technology they use, as such, it's imperative to deliver the best performance across your network.

  • Risk data breaches as a result of outdated inventory
  • Unsupported hardware or software presents a significant security risk to your business. An experienced asset management provider will be able to assess your network and make recommendations for removing, replacing or updating your technology.

  • Inability to remotely manage your inventory
  • Having the ability to remotely wipe data, revoke access or install and update software across all your devices is also a critical aspect of your asset management. TEK Express offer sophisticated remote management tools designed to help you gain full control over your network of devices.

  • Inability to identify when assets are not in use
  • For businesses employing field based staff, having the ability to know when and how often your mobile devices are used provides another opportunity to identify areas where you might be overspending.

  • Worried about poor asset management?
  • Are you concerned about poor asset management within your business? TEK Express provide a complete IT asset management solution, designed to work perfectly for organisations employing large teams of mobile staff. Speak to our friendly business development team today by calling: 01293 7100 20