Green business of the year - a winning expert team

When your laptop goes under the knife, make sure TEK Express operates!

"If our engineers were in the medical profession, they'd be the specialist surgeons." That's how confident joint business proprietor Sam Francis is about the service, quality and devotion that TEK Express or otherwise known as The Laptop Specialists commit to customer care."Laptop repairs, servicing and support are our lifeblood," says Sam Francis one of the founders and Joint Managing Director. "We are totally focused on it." One reason why the Crawley based company was both winner of the "Green Business of the Year" category and finalist for the "Customer Delight" category of the Gatwick Diamond Business Awards, presented by Rory Bremner and held at Copthorne Effingham hotel."

Every member of the team is committed to recycling internally for the business or externally for our customers. Although we are a small team, we support over 10,000 laptop users nationally so the impact is great," Sam stresses. "It is the way in which we approach laptop repairs that we believe is poles apart from our competitors, why replace a part when a repair can be achieved? Not only does this save money for our customer but it can also mean that instead of a laptop being disposed of, we get it up and running for a few more years," adds Sam. "When I found out that we were finalists for the awards and informed the team, their reaction to the news was inspiring, great recognition for the hard work and efforts over the years.

The office has been buzzing ever since. We didn't have to ramp up for these awards, we simply put ourselves forward as a company that takes delight in doing a good job while ensuring we create minimal waste. A happy customer is a great reward for a job well done." declared Sam. With so many people relying on laptops for work or for leisure, it is vital to have fast, accurate repairs, TEK Express maintain. "We have that expertise" claims Sam "our whole team is dedicated to repairing laptops and offering a swift, efficient turnaround". TEK's main corporate service, offers clients a swap-out service for their home-based employees using laptops/tablets out in the field. TEK send out a courier to pick up the broken machine and at the same time drop off a fully loaded replacement to ensure customers suffer only minimum downtime, disruption and valuable IT spend.